A Heart For Haiti

October 13, 2009 at 5:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I have a passion for the people of Haiti.  I want to extend to them the love and grace of Jesus in a tangible and real way.  Two years ago, I went to Haiti for the first time, and it was a beautiful, wretched experience.

It was wretched to see the level of destitute poverty that plagues that nation.  As many of you know, Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  The desperation was written on most faces I saw as we drove through the capital, Port au Prince. I remember the 3-year old infant (yes, I mean infant) who was so malnourished she couldn’t walk.  But she was starting to grow, finally, and had this adorable scooting movement she did. And I remember her scooting to me every time she saw me. Here is a picture of her (and Mo, behind) sitting to play with me.

Mama and Mo

But I also saw something beautiful.  I saw the church. The Church.  They were extending grace AND truth.  I think back to Sue, who at that time had 7 infant orphans living in her house, besides the 30-40 other orphans who lived at the orphanage. I saw The Church giving the people exactly what they needed.  Not JUST the message shoved down their throat, but handing them the beautiful grace of Jesus on the silver platter of quality health care, clean water, and an education.  They still shared Jesus with them, but in the midst of loving them, not apart from it. By the way, the little girl’s name (above) is Hope. And because of the Church she has hope.

We spent the majority of our time investing in the church there.  In this picture, you will see the group of church leaders we spent time teaching, encouraging and connecting with.

C-Ville Preachers

Haiti was a strange place.  I found out what it felt like to be an outsider. (Not a reject, though.  I was looked up to, but an outsider, for sure.) I have never been in a place where I made an astronomically greater amount of money than anyone around me.  Every Haitian who looked at me knew that I was ‘rich’.  Not here in America, of course, but in Haiti, where it is normal to make $300-$500 a year, my preacher’s salary was a vast fortune.  And of course, mine was a white face in a sea of black.

Well, enough reminiscing.  Just wanted to tell my blog followers that I was headed back.  I am joining a group of other guys in January to go and invest in the Church some more.  We are breaking up and visiting village churches, encouraging, empowering and giving to them.

Here are a few other pics.

OrphansSchool @ PouilleChurch under Construction


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