“The Search for God and Guinness” Review

October 10, 2009 at 2:57 am (Uncategorized)

Hey readers.  Here is another one of those reviews I do because Thomas Nelson gave me a free book.  They told me I could say whatever I wanted, but wanted to make sure you knew I got something out of the deal for it!

It might seem a little sacrilegious at first glance to consider the faith of one of the world’s leading breweries, but only to those unfamiliar with the history of beer. (And those unfamiliar with what the Bible has to say about alcohol in general.)  But as I read the story of the great faith and conviction that lead the Guinness family business through it’s 250-year history.  In a day and age of corporate greed and mistrust, the morals and standards that drove the Guinness brewery for two and a half centuries is an inspiring and welcome change of pace.

In “The Search for God and Guinness“, author Stephen Mansfield carefully chronicles the tale of a family driven to not only make great beer, but also to enact social change, inspire a workplace culture of generosity and prosperity, and pass along the ancient art of brewing to succeeding generations.  In this book you will see the forgotten art of son working many years alongside father to become an expert at his craft, and eventually taking over only to lead the business to new heights, while teaching his son.  One paragraph, on page 122, sums up the impact of the Guinness’, which is a largely untold story in America:

In the minds of most of the people in the world, Guinness is beer and that is all there is to the story.  But this is far from true. Guinness the beer is magnificent, yes, but it is the Guinness culture that for nearly two centuries changed the lives of Guinness workers, transformed poverty in Dublin, and inspired other companies to understand that care for their employees was their most important work. It was the Guinness culture of faith and kindness and generosity that moved men to seek out ways to serve their fellow men, to men what the harshness of life had torn.

As I said, you will be surprised and impressed.  You will be deeply moved and impacted by this book.  Mansfield tells a wonderful story which makes the Guinness family come to life in the mind of the reader.  If you like dry, dull history textbooks, DON’T get this book.

As the Guinness commercial of today says, “Here’s to Arthur!” (Guinness)  And, “Here’s to you, reader!” You certainly are in for a special treat.

Read anything good recently?  Recommend for me?


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  1. Bri said,

    My husband and I are going to Ireland for our 25th wedding anniversary, so a friend sent me Stephen Mansfield’s YouTube video on his book. We had already planned on touring the brewery, but now I’m all the more excited about it. Your review helped confirm the author’s enthusiasm for his topic. I look forward to reading the book. Thanks for doing Thomas Nelson a great favor by writing an insightful review.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    Bri Harding

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