Tough Decisions

September 17, 2009 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

It seems like I have had to make some tough decisions lately.  Well, in reality, it wasn’t tough to decide, just tough to execute.

Decisions about who I was gonna be in ministry.

Decisions about who we are going to be as a church.

Decisions that clearly send us one direction, and not another.

Ugh.  The burden of leadership is a burden of responsibility.  And I take responsibility by making decisions and owning them. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

So, what kind of decisions have you had to make lately? Was it tough?


  1. Brien Sims said,

    Yeah, I have had to make some of those same decisions. I believe I have found the vision needed for this church and have now pushed them in that direction. It was hard and not everyone received it with open arms but that in itself is reality. I have had to decide what i will handle and what I will not, saying no to people that demand I make a visit to every single person who appears at our church. I cannot humanly do that and so I have begun pushing them to take two or three people and visit them. I cannot consistently visit more than a few people and I can disciple even less. I know exactly what you feel like when you speak of the burden and responsibility associated with leading but that is what leaders have to do to follow Christ properly.

  2. Drew Snyder said,

    I’ve found that if you just ignore the problem, it goes away. Then, you don’t need to make any decisions at all, and you have more time to watch UFC with the dudes at your church.

    See Bill – that’s not so hard, is it?

    • billyjohnsonlive said,

      That would be awesome, if it were true. I have found that if you ignore issues a culture develops that you didn’t want, and don’t need. Instead, I need to kick the problems in the junk, and then go watch UFC. (wicked fights last night.)


  3. Kathy Pippin said,

    Without going into too much detail, some of those decisions lately have been about my students and their parents. Divorce doesn’t just affect the parents, it disrupts a child’s routine, and adds burdens to their teachers. I am glad the Lord has allowed me to be in this position – I want to have a positive impact on my parents and students. But sometimes I’m a little afraid of making the wrong decision – that will affect even more people. It’s like a ripple effect.

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