Mind Dump From #TheNines

September 10, 2009 at 2:38 am (Uncategorized)

In case you missed it, there was a MASSIVE online church conference put on by Leadership Network and Catalyst called the Nines. (wait for it…yep, you just remembered that today is 9/9/09).  It started at, yep, 9:09 AM and went to 9:09 PM.  There were TONS of presenters tasked with giving a 9 minute “what would you say to nationwide church leaders” message.  Perfect for my ADHD tendencies. (now, what I am doing on this page?  Oh yeah, blog post…)

Unlike a real conference, I did NOT devote my WHOLE attention to it for all 12 hours, but still learned a lot. (By ‘a lot’ I mean that my brain is so full it is trying to convince me to contact a cosmetic surgeon about skull enlargements.) I thought that while it was still fresh in my mind I would share with you some of the more powerful quotes and thoughts that caught me today.  I cannot credit all these quotes to the right people, so I won’t credit any. (so there.)

  • I need to listen to those who a) love me b) know more than me and c) believe in me.
  • The moment I stop hearing from God daily is the moment I should stop leading. (Dang!)
  • Dave Ferguson (ok, 1 credit) shared a basic apprenticeship process that was a good reminder:
  1. I do…you watch
  2. I do…you help
  3. You do…I help
  4. You do…I watch
  5. You do..someone else watches
  • A movement of God cannot be planned, but must be prepared for.
  • The biggest lie that is eating the souls of leaders: The larger our impact, the more legitimate our ministry is.
  • Worry is temporary atheism. (LOVE IT! but dang, it hurts me.)
  • Stop asking “How can we be the best church IN the community?” and start asking “How can we be the best church FOR the community?”
  • We have slowly decided we don’t like this or that in our community, and thus shut ourselves off from it, and are now at a place where we have no influence and no ability to engage the culture around us.
  • My public persona must match up with my personal life. (this was a oft repeated theme)
  • One of the biggest crises we face is the Crisis of Transformation.  People are coming to our churches, but not being transformed by His Gospel.
  • Do we allow/encourage people to belong before they believe? (This idea is smacking me around.)
  • One GOD idea is better than a thousand GOOD ideas. (1 Cor 10:5)
  • We far too often are looking for leaders who are willing to serve.  We should be looking for servants who are willing to lead.

Finish the list for me.  If you participated, share with me what I missed/overlooked. If this is the first time you had  heard of it, tell me what is more powerful from my list for you.  Or just randomly comment nonsense.  (That’s what I do.)



  1. Karla Meachem said,

    Amen & amen & amen! I’m still in awe from the conference! The information presented was absolutely incredible!!!

    Unlike yourself, I wasn’t able to take notes…(awesome notes by the way!)

    BUT, the statement that was MOST powerful for me was “One of the BIGGEST crises we face is the CRISIS OF TRANSFORMATION. People are coming to our churches, but are NOT being transformed by His Gospel.”

    Seems there is a lack of understanding of WHO God is; as well as who we are to become IN CHRIST. Following Christ is ALL about transformation!

    MORE OF HIM; less of me…that is how it is meant to be.

    I think people give up way too quickly. We have to PRESS ON!

    “High impact leaders have a high threshold of pain.” ~ Dr. Samuel Chand

    We are OVERCOMERS!!!

    p.s. – Jesus never quit! Neither should we. 🙂

    • billyjohnsonlive said,

      Thanks Karla. Oh, loved that quote by Dr. Chand. Didn’t get it ‘jotted’ till now.

      • Karla Meachem said,

        Your welcome! I’m sure there is MUCH more out there!
        Got that one from my twitter stream! 🙂


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