Exciting Happenings!

August 24, 2009 at 2:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Some things that I am pretty pumped about right now:

  • My kids.  I am loving watching my three kids grow and learn and serve.  What a freakin’ awesome adventure parenting is.
  • My wife. ‘Nuff said. No one compares!
  • VBX.  Denton CC is taking VBS to a WHOLE ‘NUTHA LEVEL this Saturday! Gonna be OFF THE CHARTS.
  • Sermons!  We are in the middle of a series called “God is….” and have been exploring some different attributes and characteristics of God.  It has been pretty exciting.
  • The Vickios.  My good friends, Chris and Emily, are beginning the last leg of their prep to go to Tanzania with Pioneer Bible Translators.  You really should keep up with them here. (and send them some money!)
  • I am really pumped that my old college roommate is coming to the East Coast for a visit in October.  Woo Hoo! (His blog)
  • Haiti.  I am making a return voyage to Haiti in January to do some encouraging and teaching for some of the local preachers there.
  • The youth @ DCC.  I got to spend about 4 hours with a few of the youth yesterday.  They are some pretty rockin’ kids.

I honestly am seeing and believing that God is “able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.”

What is getting you pumped these days?


  1. o'brian said,

    Visiting an old college buddy on the east coast in October!

    • billyjohnsonlive said,

      HA! Nice Brian, Nice.

  2. William Rude said,

    Vacation! Winning @ Winchester and Disney World. Looking on the internet for a church to visit in or around Orlando.

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