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August 14, 2009 at 11:33 am (Uncategorized)

Today is an open Friday!  Ask me anything you want to know in the comment section.  If it is a quick answer, I will reply there.  If it is more in depth, I will write a new post.  If it is more personal, I may email you.

So, what do you want to ask?



  1. Helen said,

    Jesus cannot be the only way to Heaven. -Oprah Winfrey
    I know a lot of people who feel this way too. How would you personally respond to this? It is a big issue in my extended family right now. Our immediate Fertitta family (Tony, me, Courtney 7 Brittney) being pretty much the only ones who believe Oprah is seriously mistaken.

    • billyjohnsonlive said,

      I would reply that either Jesus is the only God and only way to God or He is the biggest liar the world has ever seen. Based on the testimony of his resurrection, I believe He is Lord. If He is Lord, then what He says is ultimately true. And he said that no one comes to to Father expect through Him. It all comes back to the resurrection though. If Jesus rose from the dead, He is Lord. If He didn’t, everything we believe is counterfeit.

  2. Larry Johnson said,

    What will happen when Jesus returns? Many people have a hodge podge of opinions, ideas, wishes, etc. How would you quickly summarize what that will like according to the Bible?

  3. William Rude said,

    Those who fail to recognize Jesus as Lord will be those who attempt to hide themselves in the rocks. You know, the rocks from the mountains Jesus will flatten upon His return. Every knee will bow and every tongue that Jesus is Lord. Some will bow and confess to salvation, but most to damnation. Today is the day of salvation! Don’t wait until He returns to know Him as Lord!

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