I am hooked…

June 29, 2009 at 7:01 pm (Uncategorized)

…on my family.  Which is kinda crappy, since they are gone for 12 days seeing family and friends in the midwest.  Not sure how these next two weeks are gonna go.


I am planning on giving into work-aholic tendencies for the next 2 work weeks.  Here’s what I need to accomplish on that front:

  • 2 sermon series’ written
  • 1 series plan outlined
  • 2 months of KidzWorship prepared
  • 15 relational interactions
  • Some volunteer policy completed
  • Prepare a series of lessons for 5th/6th grade camp
  • Prepare a series of messages for MMAD week camp
  • Finalize website format and content

I also have a ton of stuff I hope to get done on the homefront:

  • Some landscaping/yard work
  • Some inside maintenance (air filters, etc.)
  • Some organizing in my home office. (YIKES!!!!!)
  • I need to sell my truck and get a different vehicle too (interested?)
  • Need to finish 2 books I have started

I also have a COUPLE of fun things on the plans:

  • A fun night with a few of my dude friends…
  • A couple of Independence Day bashes…

Wow.  Once it is all written down in the same place, it is alot.  Oh well, better to be busy than bored.

So, here’s your chance to speak up: Which one of these do you want to help me with?  What are you busy doing the next few weeks?

Let me know in the comments!!

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