A Bird Pooped on My Moleskine

June 12, 2009 at 12:30 pm (Uncategorized)



Here’s the deal, I love my moleskin.  I plan series, write sermons, record quotes, and journal prayers in my Moleskine.  I feel more creative, thoughtful, and just plain good using my moleskine. (By the way, it is pronounced just like it is the SKIN of a MOLE)

I take my Moleskine everywhere with me. (I have even considered naming it.  Any suggestions?) I write my final sermon in it, and preach from it. Yesterday, I had my Moleskine with me while visiting a couple from our church.  I left it on the passenger seat, and being a hot day, left the window open in my truck.

When finished inside, I came out and opened the door to my truck.  A bird flew out and almost  hit me in the face!  It just about scared the poo out of me.  It DID scare it out of him.  I looked down and there was a pile of white mud on my precious Moleskin.  How sick is that? My precious, all covered in dookey.

I do that to my Father’s treasure all the time, though.  He has blessed me with a wonderful family, and yet far too often I mess it all up because I am a selfish idiot.  Dad has blessed me with a great congregation to love and partner with, and yet my laziness, sinfulness and arrogance causes a puddle of white mud on His precious church.  He has put friends, neighbors and acquaintances in my life for me to be a vessel of grace for, and yet I take those precious opportunities, and PLOP!

I make a mess out of everything God puts in my life. Thankfully, Jesus does just what I did.  He takes out a Dunkin Donuts napkin and wipes the crap up.

What areas of your life do you feel like you consistently crap up? Grace. wOOt!


  1. Stan said,

    My first thought is about how creative you are to be able to take bird poop on a notebook and make it spiritual. Truly, you have a gift. =) I do agree with your spiritualization of “crap.” I think that is exactly what I do as well. As you have so eloquently stated, thankfully Jesus wipes it up with a Dunkin Donuts napkin.

    In other news, I can’t buy one of those moleskins on that website. Not that I saw anyway. Do you buy those from that site or somewhere else? Maybe I’ll give one of those a try.

    • billyjohnsonlive said,

      that site is their hq. you have to buy it from a retailer. not sure where, i won this one, and it is my first….

  2. lyn said,

    Hi! It’s just so amazing how you turned your “crap” episode into an enlightening account. I’ve just got to bookmark this. Thanks for the enlightenment. 🙂

  3. Jim said,

    I have to agree with stan, it’s awesome that you can take “bird crap, ” and paint a spiritual picture with it… great thoughts.

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