June 5, 2009 at 11:42 am (Uncategorized)


It’s what she needs when she comes into the room seeking my attention.  With her disjointed, incomplete, 4 year old sentences, she tells me about her pigtails, her costume, or her faux jewlery.

She goes on and on about who did it, when it happened and asks me what I think.

“Babe, you are beautiful.” And with a smile and giggle she is gone.  She got what she needed.


It’s what he needs as he hollers for me to “Come, see!”  There is another pretend giant slain, another bug squished, another ball to hit, throw, or kick.  “Did you see, Daddy?”

“You are so strong/brave/awesome.” And as he stands a little straighter and walks away, I know he got what he needed.

Dad affirmation.

Its what we need when life stinks.  When relationships are in crisis.  When work takes up too  much time, and results in too little money. When you feel like the bills are gonna crush you into ground human.

“Are you even there?”

“Why me?”

“But I am trying?”

And He says,

“I have never, and will never leave you.”

“You look just like Me. Remember, you are made in My image.”

“I WANT to be with you.  That’s why Jesus came!”


Get some.  Give some.


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  1. william fuller said,

    That is my daily routine with my beautiful baby girls. All three seek the dad-firmation.

    My littlest who is 2 and one half is just now learning what it means and how it makes her heart swell with Joy, or maybe she see how my heart swells with pride and joy when she comes into the room seeking dad-firmation.

    My four year old does this hourly, stopping what she is playing or shouting loud enough to shake the rooftop to get my attention and to tell me about her latest accomplishment.

    My 12 year old even seeks it and alas i give it to her less than i should.

    Lord i pray we would all take time to affirm our kids and let them know we love them and Adore them and they are perfect in our eyes. Lord let us not forget our wives.


    Thanks for the blog.

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