Revelation Journey, Pt 1

May 12, 2009 at 7:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been hanging out in the book of Revelation the last couple of days.  I wanted to take a couple of days and share with you some thoughts about what I have been reading.

First off, I think most of us MISS the whole point of Revelation!  The definition of revelation is “an act of God making known truth that is unable to be known by unaided human research.”  Revelation REVEALS something that we would not have seen otherwise.  It is WHAT is revealed that guides our whole understanding of this book:

-Some think it is revealing a time table for the end times.

-Some think it is some kind of road map for a tribulation period.

-Some think it just reveals how crazy us Christians are (just kidding!)

-Some think it reveals the plot for a best-selling series of books.

But most everyone misses what the book of Revelation is truly intended to reveal!  And that is AMAZING, because it is written in the first five words:

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

I absolutely believe that Revelation can only be understood when we get the picture that Revelation is intended to show us a picture of Jesus we could not see otherwise.  And this seems fitting.

As John sat on the island of Patmos, seemingly alone and forgotten, the only thing he needed was a glimpse of Jesus to keep him going.  And the persecuted churches he wrote to needed the same thing.  And the churches 2000 years later need the same thing.

Revelation is not a roadmap, timeline, survivor’s manual or any other ends times secret.  Revelation is a picture of Jesus, in all His glory, for the all to see, appreciate, and love!

So, what picture of Jesus do you see in Revelation?


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  1. culturalawakening said,

    Good point.

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