Craziest Sunday Ever

May 11, 2009 at 1:03 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I woke up Sunday morning not feeling too great.  Sorta like that feeling that I may be starting to get sick, but am not too bad yet.  So I went in to print off the bulletins and inserts.  Then we had a Mother’s Day breakfast, and I started feeling good.  I ate breakfast, helped clean up, and got ready for our service.  About the time we started singing, I was not feeling right.  As I started to preach, it was getting worse.  Nausea, dizzyness, etc.  I couldn’t speak correctly, was even having trouble reading the verses I was preaching from.  So, I stopped.  I was so embarrassed. But I felt really bad.  I sat down for a few minutes while they sang and did some communion.  Then I cam back in and offered an invitation and called it a day.  I went home and slept for 5 hours.  I am doing better today.

Just wondering:  Have you ever gotten sick at a REALLY awful/ackward time?  Come on, help me feel a little better by telling your embarrassing story!


  1. culturalawakening said,

    Nice work. Way to not be a quitter. Finish strong with the invitation. I felt about the same way a couple weeks ago. I had bronchitis I found out later. I sounded like an 80-year smoking legend. It was not right at all. Glad you’re doing better though. Peace.

  2. chasinghisheart said,

    I’m glad you are doing better. Good job at letting the church know that even Preachers, ON SUNDAY, can get sick.
    I was pregnant with my third child, ( your sister), and was doing my emergency medicine rotation in the ER. As we were working on a serious trauma patient, I kept getting more and more nauseated. I had two options : let go of holding C-Spine stabilization or puke on the patient.
    At the last possible moment I instructed the Trauma surgeon to take over my position and ran for the bathroom. I returned took my job back from a very confused doc and continued on. The staff all thought i was just squeamish, had to explain the morning sickness thing!

  3. William Rude said,

    I was teaching Sunday School one morning when the lower intestinal bug hit me. I quickly asked Tim Engle to take over and exited stage left. I didn’t show myself until after Sunday School was over. However, I remembered attending the worship service that day. It was good thing we were using a standardized text lesson, so Tim or any of the other guys could have filled in. It could have been so much worse. Praise God!
    Likewise, Billy it really wasn’t that bad. I thought you were still in the game and didn’t notice you were illin until you said you were! The sermon was going good until you had to stop.

  4. Kathy said,

    Getting sick is a part of life. No need to be embarrassed about it. You gave it your best. I’ve never felt like I’ve had an ambarrassing moment, though.

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