Stuff I am Stoked about!

May 4, 2009 at 11:59 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry for the break, friends.  I just needed a few days off.  I thought I would have a rambling Monday Morning post about all the things I am stoked about right now.

— Yesterday, @ DCC, we saw Amber Swann cross from death to life.

— We are starting up a series of messages (together with Discovery CC) called Desperate Households.  Yesterday I spoke to men about fulfilling the heart cry of their wives for a leader.

— Roseann and I are heading in a couple of weeks to Assateague Island and gonna camp with the wild horses and celebrate our anniversary.  Some great friends of ours, Chris & Emily Vickio and Sean & Margo McCarthy are gonna join us.

— DCC is giving stuff to our community this weekend.  No strings.  Just because we love ’em.  That is rockin’ in my book!

— Mother’s Day.  Wow.  If my kids are still all 4 and under, does that make me responsible for Mother’s Day plans?

— Did I mention that we saw someone submit their life to Jesus yesterday?!?!?!

— So excited about loving God, loving people and serving everywhere this week!

more later.


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  1. culturalawakening said,

    Congrats man! That’s great. It’s always so exciting for a church when that happens. It’s something to rally around and get behind. No one can argue against that. Love it. Keep it up man.

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