April 15, 2009 at 8:48 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been impacted AGAIN by a truth that keeps sneaking back into my life and smacking me around.  It is this: Jesus doesn’t want ANYTHING from you, He wants EVERYTHING! (I am pretty sure I first heard it worded that way by Perry Noble.)

I have been diving into C.S. Lewis lately. He wrote more than Narnia, you know! (Last week, I wrote a little about that HERE.)  A few days ago, I was reading chapter 8 of Mere Christianity. In that chapter, he discusses whether or not Christianity is hard or easy!

The answer is both. It is easier than struggling to give Him just enough that we don’t feel guilty.  But it is hard because the core of Christianity is dying to everything that is me, and allowing Him to create Himself through me.  He wants everything.

So every morning, I have to wake up yet again, and submit my everything to Him once more.  I have to shovel one more scoop of dirt on that guy I buried April 23, 1995.

What part of everything do you struggle with?


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