Just a Footnote?

April 8, 2009 at 11:40 am (Uncategorized)

I was reading through Numbers 26 this morning.  Yes, it is one of those infinite ‘begat’ chapters. (Actually, the NIV never uses the word, Praise Jesus!)

I picked a name from the chapter randomly, Eri.  Then I put on my sancitified imaginator and began asking questions.  Was he tall?  Did Eri like his job?  Did he ever get in a fight with his brother?  Did he love his wife?  Did he wrestle with his children?  You know, we don’t know the answer to any of these questions!  Eri was just footnote in the eternal plan of God.

Here are a couple of thoughts that that produced:

– I am probably more like Eri, than Moses.  I can only pray that God uses me enough to be a blip on the radar.

– I am extremely humbled.  I far too often see myself as Moses, Abraham, David, Paul or Peter.

– I think about “I” too much.  It’s not MY eternal plan anyway.  I just need to be who God has called me to be, where He has called me to be and let Him take care of the history writing.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: when I submitted to Jesus as Lord, I gave up my rights to myself.  I gave up my ambitions, dreams and passions. I daily have to make his ambitions, passions, and dreams mine.  More on this tomorrow.

What about You?  Are you okay with being a blip on the radar, or a footnote in the plan?



  1. WilliamRude said,

    About a year ago I discovered an ancestor, Gershom Rude, (named after Moses’ first born) who was a Restoration Movement Pioneer. His brother was my ggg grandfather, William S. Rude. So this discovery and now knowing that for seven generations my family has been in the Restoration Movement Church, tells me I am indeed part of God’s plan. Maybe just a blip on the eternal radar, but what an awesome thought. My forefathers were great men that loved the LORD! Now I must live up to Jesus as they did!

  2. Frank Goehringer said,

    Wow Bill, that is totally awesome! I would hope that you make some kind of family tree with pictures and names. That would be a treasure. My uncle in Switzerland has done that for our family. My claim to non-fame is that I have SS officers in my “tree”. Great night at ‘Encounter’. Thanks for all of your hard work. FrankG

  3. William Rude said,

    Frank: The origins of the Rude surname are German. There is actually a town in Germany named Rudesheim (Rudes Home). The Rudes were the keepers of hunting dogs for the royalty. The Saxons were German invaders to England. In England the surname has two forms Rude and Rood. The Scottish term for the Cross of Christ is the Rude or the Rood. I have been attempting to contact a Craig Rude who is a direct descendant of Gershom L. Rude, but have yet to find the right Craig Rude. Google Gershom L. Rude and note there are two notable bios for him and the church he started in 1840 in Ohio. Billy, thanks for sharing your blog! Frank, good to see you and almost your whole family! We are indeed part of God’s plan!

  4. Bob Rude said,

    I am descendent of William Tecumseh Rude the brother of Gershom Rude..I am a devout christian and am proud to carry on the Rude heritage and legacy. I believe William Rude and I are 4th cousins from the same tree…Maranatha

  5. Joshua Zitting said,

    I stumbled upon your post because of an english assignment that I turned in and the “turnitin” system found that I I used a sentence that you used and it might be plagiarism! 😉 the phrase I used was “I guess what I am trying to say is” (definitely plagiarized) 😉

    However, After reading your post I wanted to comment on it.
    – I am probably more like Eri, than Moses. I can only pray that God uses me enough to be a blip on the radar.
    — no way!! You are way more than a blip on the radar. I know that our Heavenly father has a specific plan for you. I know that he knows what is going on in your everyday life and puts challenges and rewards in place at the right time to help you grow. I also know that Jesus Attoned for all of our sins but that he would have done the exact same JUST TO SAVE YOU!

    – I am extremely humbled. I far too often see myself as Moses, Abraham, David, Paul or Peter.
    — Humility is good. But you are/were (since this post is 7 years old) putting yourself in the scriptures. Scriptures can be kind of hard to read (especially with all of the begats etc.) But when you liken them to your own life you can get to know yourself and the ancient prophets better by comparing what they did and what you would have in the same situation.

    – I think about “I” too much. It’s not MY eternal plan anyway. I just need to be who God has called me to be, where He has called me to be and let Him take care of the history writing.
    — Our Heavenly Father does have an eternal plan, But so do you! and YOU play a very big part in HIS eternal plan. YOU chose his (and christ’s) plan of agency to receive a body. You were able to choose your earthly parents. And according to your post YOU have chosen to follow christ and learn as much about him as you can. You are very important to your heavenly father and your brother Jesus Christ. I know these truths and the importance of each of us. The choices you make can and will influence you and all of those around you (seeing how this is 7 years later, Possibly even kids, spouse etc). If you want to learn more about the role you play in OUR Heavenly Fathers plan go to mormon.org.
    Thanks for reading this and thanks for posting your blog!

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