My Bosses Are Coming

April 2, 2009 at 6:35 am (Uncategorized)

Today is a pretty cool day!  I am an employee of ECEF (East Coast Evangelizing Fellowship) and am leading the Denton Project @ the Denton Christian Church.  Today, the ECEF Guidance Team is meeting in Denton and we get to talk about how things are going!

I can honestly say this is not a meeting I am nervous or worried about!  This is a group of men who are passionate about the ministry and success of the Kingdom at Denton, and who believe in me.  Yes, they will speak truth into my life, even if it hard to swallow, but because they love Jesus and what He is doing in Denton!

I wish everyone had bosses like mine.  I am stoked to meet with them today.  To share with them our dreams, victories and struggles.  It is because of men with vision like these that what we are doing @ Denton is possible in the first place!

So, do you love, hate, or just deal with those God has made you accountable to?



  1. matthewfmurphy said,

    My boss is awesome. I work in client support for a compliance hotline company. He is willing to stick his neck out for employees and go to bat for them when necessary even at his own expense. He’s also willing to give discipline where needed. It’s good stuff.

  2. WilliamRude said,

    I’ve had many jobs in my short life, so I’ve also had many bosses. The ones I have performed the best for told me what they expected then let me do it. The bosses that thought they needed to control my every move or stand over me while I worked never got my best.
    Those controlling bosses have in time backed off when they realized I did my best work without them watching. Once my own peers had to tell the boss to back off because he was focused on me, one that didn’t need to be controlled, rather than those that needed to be controlled. When somebody is on your back it is difficult to be loving and/or forgiving. However, that is when it matters the most!

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