Jesus the Drag Queen?

April 1, 2009 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

hippie-jesusYou know, I have been thinking alot about Jesus lately.  In fact, more than usual.  We are starting a new series, “A Dangerous Savior” this week at DCC, and are talking alot about Him.

One thing that really gets on my nerves is this visual idea of Jesus the hippie drag queen who you have to look closely to tell whether He is a dude or a chick.  Couple of things:

– Jesus probably didn’t have long hair.  It was a shame, unless He had taken a Nazarite vow (like Samson) for a man in his day to have long hair!

– Jesus was a carpenter!  I mean, think about it: no power tools and rubber grips means rough calloused hands.  And you know what?  Jesus was probably RIPPED!  Like bulging muscles!  He was one tough mug!

-Do you think the whole temple would clear because some high pitched voiced, weak and mild-mannered hippie was upset?  No.  He was tough and intimidating!

Anyway, rant over.  Jesus was a man’s man who men can respect.  Stop with the girly Jesus pictures!

So, am I way off base?  What do YOU think?



  1. Tara Widener said,

    This is so true! Isn’t it something how all representations of Jesus are similar & include the things you mentioned? May thats because thats the “politically correct” Jesus or the Jesus who doesn’t “step on any toes”?


    You forgot something! Jesus wasn’t White Anglo-Saxon either!

  2. billyjohnsonlive said,

    Oh yeah….I really dont want to hear the term metro-sexual applied to Jesus ever again! I almost lost it.

  3. William Rude said,

    I agree that Jesus did not look feminine. However, the thought he was clean shaven and had a flat top hair cut is mistaken. Romans of the first century had the clean shaven faces and short hair. A Jew of the first century would not purposely look like a Roman citizen. I believe his hair was longer then most men today would wear their hair and mostly certainly he had a beard. Did he look like Hercules? I doubt it. Was his body lean and mean . . . no doubt.

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