My Gap Prayers

March 24, 2009 at 9:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Last week, I posted about some introspection I have been going through in my life. I have been examining my gaps. (If you missed it, it is here!)

Well, since then, I have been praying a prayer about my gaps that goes something like this:


Make me accutely aware of MY gaps! (Not my wife’s, or my friends’ or my congregation’s gaps, but my own!)  Those gaps between where I am and where You desire me to be.

Show me my FATHER gaps.  My HUSBAND gaps. My CHRIST-FOLLOWER gaps.  My LEADER gaps.  My FRIEND gaps.

(BTW- He will, if He hasn’t already.  And it isn’t pleasant.  But here is the hard part of the prayer:)

Give me the courage to submit my gaps to Jesus, and allow Him to shape me into the person You desire!


I don’t believe the path to spiritual maturity is blocked by a lack of knowledge, but more often than not, by an abundance of fear.

What about you?  What gaps are you working on?

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