Your Mouth is Gonna Get You In Trouble

March 20, 2009 at 9:00 am (Uncategorized)

People have said that I am kind of opinionated. That most people have no doubt how I feel about a given topic when they are in conversation with me. That I am a little blunt. That’s what they say, and I am pretty sure it is true.

But, they often add their little piece of advice to that statement. It usually goes something like this: “and if your not careful, your mouth will get you in trouble.” They don’t say, “and you are wrong.” (Because I’m not. Usually. I hope.) They insinuate that I just need to keep my mouth shut sometimes and not rock the boat. That would be great advice, if I wanted to be a passive, never get anything done kinda pansy man that never addresses what needs to be addressed. That would be great advice, if it were Biblical.

I kinda look up to Jesus and Paul. (I hope you do too.) But it seems everywhere they went their mouths got them in trouble. Jesus claiming to be God, and Paul repeating started many a riot and revolt. But they said it anyway because it was true, and it needed to be said.

(Disclaimer: while some people need to work on speaking the truth, I constantly have to work on adding the “in love” part. The verse is here. I admit it, so don’t comment bomb me about that!)

I definitely think the next time I hear, “Your mouth is going to get you in trouble.”, I just might say, “I hope so. I kinda like my company.”

What do you think?


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