Why I Love DCC!

January 30, 2009 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Over the last few months my family has joined together with an awesome church family. This post is dedicated to some reasons why I love Denton Christian Church:

1. Their courage! This church had the courage to realize when they needed some help and was willing to ask for it! They partnered with ECEF and moved forward!

2. Their patience! This church has been patient with me in this transition. My way of communicating was new, and they are adapting. My ideas about how to do church were different, and they are moving with me. They have been patient when communication broke down and excited when it worked well!

3. Their commitment! I think what I love about DCC the most is the fact that they are more committed to Jesus than to any method of doing church. These people WANT to love and serve Jesus and be an effective tool for God in this community.

I wanted to put into print for the World Wide Web to know: Denton Christian Church is awesome! I love being a part of this family of faith, and look forward to 2009 being the biggest year in the history of this congregation!


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