Sermon Blurb 1-25-09

January 26, 2009 at 2:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Yesterday we had a great time mining the story of the Rich Young Ruler to see how we can live! Here is what we talked about as a crucial step he took that we often miss:

The RYR asked a question that most of us will never ask! Once Jesus had called him to make sure he was doing the right things, the RYR was still sure he was missing something. Something wasn’t quite complete and he knew. So he approached Jesus with a question that most Christ followers will never ask. He asked Jesus, “What do I still lack?” Basically, he says, “Yeah, yeah. I know the good Jewish answer: Obey, Obey, Obey. But what is still missing? Where do I need to work on things?”

Most of us never ask this question for one of two reasons: Either we already know the answer or we are scared to know it. We don’t want to deal with the aspect of our life that Jesus wants us to deal with! So, we sit stagnant. We sit doing the “Jesus things” we have always done, and don’t realize that we haven’t gotten any closer to Jesus in 20, 30, 40 years.

So take some time to seriously inspect your life. Ask Jesus where you are still lacking. And I guarantee it won’t be comfy and cozy, but if you go where He calls, step where He leads, you will be closer to Him than you have ever been before! So ask Him today, what do I still lack?


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